Cult sex toy brand Goldfrau was developed by Industrial Designer Dr Judith Glover as part of her PHD on the sex toy industry (2013) and launched in 2006 at the Melbourne Design Festival with a range of porcelain dildos. Goldfrau is in hiatus as Dr Glover works her way through a new collection and a range of sexual health research projects.

‘Goldfrau of Australia are without doubt the benchmark for those wishing to create a ceramic dildo. Goldfrau use the finest stoneware ceramic to create toys with such clean, unerring lines that their beauty has a mysterious pull…their perfect forms untouched by gimmicks and useless additions…one of the most alluring adult toys one could wish to behold; her graceful figure is an ocean of unblemished natural ivory white…made from the highest quality ceramic…’

– La Belle Époque, 2010

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